johan ahlm michalove


About me:

I’m a danish-american roboticist and educator creating a new branch of engineering at the 3A institute at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.

During my graduate studies at the University of Washington, Seattle, I created and taught an undergraduate computer ethics course and building off that experience co-developed another.

I also assisted teaching a novel course at the intersection of machine intelligence, critical theory, computational neuroscience, big history (amoung many other subjects) formally titled “Intelligent Machinery, Identity, and Ethics”, but affectionally known as IMC (or “the intelligent machinery course”).

As a grad student I researched mobile robotics in the Personal Robotics Lab, launched a low cost robotics platform for research and education called MuSHR and helped develop course materials for an undergraduate robotics course.

I’m occasionally on Github, Twitter and Instagram.

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